When the first two seasons of the original Transformers cartoon aired in Japan as Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers, nine clip shows were created, consisting mostly of re-used footage. Titles include:

  • "Birth of the Transformers!" (トランスフォーマー誕生!)
  • "War Without End" (果てしなき戦い)
  • "Desperate Battle on Dinobot Island" (ダイノボット島の死闘)
  • "Devastator, the Giant Warrior" (巨人兵デバスター)
  • "Neverending Struggle" (おわりなき死闘)
  • "Earth's Greatest Crisis" (地球最大の危機)
  • "Seek the Cybertonium" (セイバートニウムを求めて)
  • "Stunticons vs Aerialbots" (スタントロンvsエアーボット)
  • "Mutiny of the Combaticons" (コンバットロンの反逆)

Also of note, during the time the third season was running under the title Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers 2010, two additional clip shows aired:

  • "Daniel's Adventure" (ダニエルの冒険)
  • "The Desperate Struggle of Justice" (正義の死闘)

The show was released in Japan on LaserDisc, VHS and DVD, incluiding the two episodes that weren't dubbed during the original broadcast; however, the eleven clip shows are not present in any home media release. As such, the content of these clip shows remains a mystery, and they probably will never see the light of day.

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