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Team Umizoomi is an American educational series for preschoolers created by Jenifer Twomey, Soo Kim, and Michael Smith. It is about three mini-superheroes saving the day with their mighty math powers. Originally, in 2006, the show was picked up for production by Nickelodeon. They came up with a title which was The Umizumiz. In 2008, they completed the pilot. Premiering in 2008, in Noggin, the original idea was about a new animated interactive series for preschoolers about a miniture urban repair squad that solves everyday preschool problems in Metro City with the help of viewers at home. The 6 were, Milli, Geo, Bot, Zig Zag, Alphonse, and the Zipmobile. The original Milli and Geo were unknown before their debuts, though Milli would've probably have only the measurements talent. The original Geo represents a whistle. Bot made no vast changes but his mouth was green. Zig Zag, was known for patterns and was changed for Milli. Alphonse was known for the "Super-shapes!" and was changed for Geo. And UmiCar was originally the Zipmobile. the characters look less like human and more like magic toys, hence the show was to be named The Umibots!. The only video proof we got is a 10 seconds video, without audio, uploaded to YouTube by the user The Oficial CompleteGamer in 2018. You can see the pilot here. This pilot has never been aired on television or hasn't been uploaded worldwide anywhere. Luckily, some images, the pilot’s theme song, and a 25 second video with audio had been found, So it's considered as partially found. On Sep 15, 2020, a 25 second video showing clips with audio included of the pilot was posted by a channel named Yaili The Lost Media Boy onto YouTube. The clip can be seen here [1]


WARNING: This text contains spoilers.

In the animation reel, the dinosaur said to Milli, "Would you mind helping me with something?", and Milli said "Sure!" Then the dinosaur said to Milli, "I got that ticklish feeling at the end of my tail!" Another scene in the reel was the bug said, "Were you looking for me?" and Geo said, "Beetle, today is the big bug show! The kids are coming to see you!", and the bug said, "The show? Oops I Forgot!", Milli says, "Come on, we’ll take you back!" As the bug jumps on Milli’s hand, and another scene shows the Umizumiz jumping out the Zipmobile,

Lyrics (Unused Intro)

Driving in our Zipcar all over MetroCity

We can fix any problem even though we're itty bitty.

No one knows we're around

We zoom in secret spaces

Come on let's zoom around town

To exciting hidden places!

We're a team and what we do

Is umizumi round with you!

Ooh la la la Ooh la la la Umizumi zumi zumi zumi umi zumi zoom zoom zoom!

Let's find the pattern, let's measure stuff.

If we use our super smarts when the going gets rough.

We can help this city out,

That's what the Umizumiz are all about!

Ooh la la la Ooh la la la Umizumi zumi zumi zumi umi zumi zoom

Ooh la la la Ooh la la la Umizumi zumi zumi zumi umi zoom zoom zoom