Escaflowne FOX Ep 3 - 1 out of 3-2

In August 2000, Fox Kids began broadcasting the anime series, The Vision of Esacaflowne, in the United States. Produced by Haim Saban, these dubbed episodes were heavily edited to remove footage, given new "flashback" sequences to remind the audience of the events that just occurred, and to heavily downplay the role of Hitomi in the series. The true first episode of the series was skipped from being aired and the series soundtrack that was produced by Yoko Kanno was partially replaced with more techno themes. Due to "low ratings", this edited version of the series was cancelled only after ten episodes premiered. Fox explained that they edited to meet their own target audience, to comply with broadcast standards, and to fit the allowed timeslot. YTV, a Canadian television channel, later acquired Fox's dubbed version of Escaflowne for broadcast. Following Fox's planned broadcast schedule, they premiered the series on September 11, 2000 with the second episode. YTV aired all of the episodes Fox Kids dubbed, concluding with the series true first episode in February 2001. Bandai began releasing the dubbed version to VHS in 2000. Only after four initial volumes of the series had been released, Bandai discontinued the releases in February 2001. This dub contains the exact same actors as the Ocean Dub, but with this version of the script being edited to be more suited towards a younger demographic.


Escaflowne FOX opening

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