back in the late 90's to the mid 2000's, The wiggles created various dubs of their show, like Taiwanese Mandarin Chinese (which has a separate page on this wiki), Japanese, German, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Castilian Spanish, Rioplatense Spanish, Italian, Arabic, and French. These Dubs Where Also Found From The Wiggle And Learn Series, Describe The Intro Of Wiggle And Learn When The Wiggle And Learn Text When It Shows Up For 4 Times In The Latin American, Brazilian Portuguese It's A Bit Different. except, these dubs are very rare, only a couple clips of these dubs have been found, and it is currently unknown if these dubs will ever see the light of day again.



Rock-A-Bye Your Bear (originally aired on Jeem TV)


Some Random Clip


Some Random Clip


*I climb ten stairs (FOUND)

*captain's magic buttons (FOUND)

*promo for TV series 2 on playhouse Disney japan (FOUND)

*promo for network wiggles on playhouse disney japan (FOUND)

*get ready to wiggle (audio only) (FOUND)

*intro for TV series 2 (FOUND)

* Full Episode Clip(FOUND)


*Short Clip (FOUND)

*Jim Jam Promo (FOUND)

*Jim Jam Promo 2 (FOUND)

Castilian Spanish:

Some Random Clip

*Fruit Salad (Fan Made) (FOUND)

Rioplatense Spanish:

*Wiggle And Learn Intro (FOUND)

*Dr KnickerBocker (FOUND)

*Murray Had A Turtle (FOUND)

*One Finger, One Thumb (FOUND)

*Three Little Kittens (FOUND)

*The Grand Old Duke Of York (FOUND)

*The Turkey In The Straw (FOUND)

*Sandy Beach (FOUND)

*Sam Drives The Big Red Car (FOUND)

*You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (FOUND)

*A Sailor Went To Sea (FOUND)

*Random Clip/The Sporting Salsa (FOUND)

*Do The Bus Stop (FOUND)

*Shimmy Shake (FOUND)

*Follow The Leader (FOUND)

*Tiger (FOUND)

*Old MacDonald Had A Farm (FOUND)

*Over In The Meadow (FOUND)

*Disney Junior Promo (FOUND)

Brazilian Portuguese:

*Wiggle And Learn Intro (FOUND)

*You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (FOUND)

*Dr. Knickerbocker (FOUND)

*Getting Strong! (FOUND)

*Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (FOUND)

*Dem Dry Bones (FOUND)

*Hello We're The Wiggles (FOUND)

*Sam Drives The Big Red Car (FOUND)

*Skip To My Lou My Darling (FOUND)

*Turkey In The Straw (FOUND)

*Over In The Meadow (FOUND)

European Portuguese:

Some Random Clip


Completely Lost.

so, yeah. these rare dubs haven't been found since around 2013/2014.

and will possibly not ever see the light of day ever, ever, again

Known Voice Actors


Ryo Miyauchi (Greg), Takuma Izumi (Anthony), Yasuhiko Nemoto (Murray) and Atsushi Kashimura (Jeff).

Rioplatense Spanish:

Carlos Celestre (Sam), Diego Alcala (Anthony), Mario de Candia (Murray), Pablo Salla (Jeff), Diego Topa (Captain Feathersword), Laura Cecilia Carbajal (Dorothy the Dinosaur) and Adrian Odriozola (Wags the Dog).

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