Versions of episodes existed where they would be split into 11-minutes, for a total of 26 episodes. It's unknown when these versions of episodes were created, but they began airing in 2011 on PBS Kids Sprout (Now Universal Kids).

These episodes would have the credits playing after the second song or Wigglehouse segment of an episode (a pause for a commercial break was present during the transition, after an added sparkle sound ended), and then a new episode would begin where the previous one left off, at either the second song or the Henry the Octopus segment.

List of the 11-minute Episodes

This list is incomplete, We need missing titles to be reveal such as The Party

  • Episode 1 - Dorothy's Party (first half of Anthony's Friend) (LOST)
  • Episode 2 - The Octomobile! (second half of Anthony's Friend) (LOST)
  • Episode 3 - Foodman (first half of original episode) (LOST)
  • Episode 4 - The Moon and Stars (second half of Foodman) (PARTIALLY FOUNDED by Matthew Godsey)
  • Episode 5 - Number One is Fun! (first half of Murray's Shirt) (FOUNDED by Matthew Godsey)
  • Episode 6 - Doggie Tricks (second half of Murray's Shirt) (LOST)
  • Episode 7 - Farm Animals (first half of Building Blocks) (LOST)
  • Episode 8 - Fishing Time! (second half of Building Blocks) (LOST)
  • Episode 9 - Everyone's Asleep (first half of Jeff the Mechanic) (LOST)
  • Episode 10 - Puff Puff, Toot Toot! (second half of Jeff the Mechanic) (LOST)
  • Episode 11 - Shalom! (first half of Lilly) (Recreated episode with Filmora, but still LOST For the Non-recreation)
  • Episode 12 - The Hat Parade (second half of Lilly) (LOST)
  • Episode 13 - Wiggly Walking (first half of Zardo Zap) (FOUND)
  • Episode 14 - The Sea Circus (second half of Zardo Zap) (LOST)
  • Episode 15 - TITLE UNKNOWN (first half of The Party) (LOST)
  • Episode 16 - TITLE UNKNOWN (second half of The Party) (LOST)
  • Episode 17 - Jeff the Lion (first half of Wiggle Opera) (LOST)
  • Episode 18 - Wags' Masterpiece (second half of Wiggle Opera) (LOST)
  • Episode 19 - A Hairy Adventure (first half of Haircut) (LOST)
  • Episode 20 - Poor, Poor Captain (second half of Haircut) (LOST)
  • Episode 21 - Murray's Getting Strong! (first half of Muscleman Murray) (LOST)
  • Episode 22 - The Octomower (second half from Muscleman Murray) (LOST)
  • Episode 23 - Tap Dancing Doggies (first half of Spooked Wiggles) (LOST)
  • Episode 24 - Shell-A-Vision! (second half of Spooked Wiggles) (LOST)
  • Episode 25 - Funny Greg (first half of original episode) (LOST)
  • Episode 26 - Splish Splash (second half of Funny Greg) (LOST)
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