The Wiggles Big Show is a name given to a recording of a Wiggles concert from late 1997. Clips were shown in their first TV series and the Wiggle Time VHS (1998 version) and some other sources, yet it was unknown if they were intended for a full special or not.

In 2020, it was revealed that the full concert was shown on the Disney Channel Australia in October 1998 along with the already-existing The Wiggles: Live At Disneyland Park after the original promo surfaced on YouTube. The promo also included some previously unseen footage.

UPDATE 2020/11/09: Anthony Field revealed on Twitter that they found the Wiggles Big Show in their archives, and he also said 'Just a bit of a process digitising it!'


The Wiggles Big Show Live At Disneyland Disney Channel Promo (1998)

The promo

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