The Wiggles TV Series 3 Deleted Scenes-0

Deleted scenes from the 11-minute versions

Before Series 3, also known as Lights Camera Action Wiggles, aired, The Wiggles decided to separate most of the materials in different formats. Some such as the additional Music with Murray segments appear in the 11-minute versions while others such as the additional songs, including the full versions of Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! and Anthony's Workshop appear in the 22-minute versions. Seven deleted scenes such as the Music with Murray segment about drums from the 11-minute format have been found so far, especially Play Your Guitar With Murray as credit-less (a version without closing credits, It can can only be seen in the 11-minute version of Episode 11, Episode 28 (Still MISSING, Yet to be founded) and Episode 43.)


Deleted Scenes in the 11-Minute Versions

Deleted Scenes in the 22-Minute Versions

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