The Works

The Works

A rare trailer for the film, uploaded to YouTube on 16 October 2013.

The Works is a shelved computer animated film that was worked on sporadically from 1979 to 1986 by the Computer Graphics Lab at the New York Institute of Technology. Had it been completed, it would have been the first computer animated film in history, predating Pixar's Toy Story by almost a decade. The screenplay, written by Lance Williams, apparently deals with a drone robot, named either "Ipso Facto" or "Clyde" ("either" is used because no sources have confirmed the validity of either name), "T-Square," a young female pilot, and a giant robotic ant that would have served as the film's main villain. Supposedly, the main cast would have been comprised of about twenty-five robots, but a screenplay version of the film has not been found online.[1] The film was the brainchild of entrepreneur and "eccentric millionaire" Dr. Alexander Schure, founder of the New York Institute of Technology.

The Works (NYIT, 1984)

The Works (NYIT, 1984)

A clip from The Works, circa 1984.

The Computer Graphics Lab at NYIT was originally intended to produce computer tools to help traditional animators with the OR work, but soon 3D computer graphics became the prime focus of the Lab. The Works was green lit by Schure as a way to test and demonstrate what computer animation could do for the entertainment industry. According to Wikipedia, famous industry professionals like Chuck Jones and Shamus Culhane toured the Lab while the film was being produced.[2] No sources indicate how much of the film was actually completed, although production stills[3] and a short video have surfaced. No copy of the screenplay has been located, although one is likely in possession of the author, Lance Williams, or the family of the late Dr. Schure.

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UPDATE 8/7/14

Huge thanks to YouTuber "richard carter" who got his hands on the trailer and posted it sometime back. It shows many more unseen characters, and even shows the sped creation of T-Square's body! Again, many thanks!

Also, here is a collage of images from the film.


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