in july 20th 2008, PBS Kids on Think tv goes under the brand 14 Learn

The Old Bumpers and ids and shows ended on 2016, and start going under the Thinktv Kids brand. The only things remained for 14 Learn are the Up Next bumpers for Peg + Cat Nature cat Ready jet go and Martha Speaks it also Aired Leady to Learn and Shocking PTV Park Bumpers

TTV Circle.jpg

Jack in a Box

This bumper is Used for (Noddy Dragon tales Teletubbies Wishbone Bob the Builder Sesame street Thomas and friends Pingu)


This Bumper was used For (Libery kids Shalom Sesame Thomas And Friends Boobah the berenstein bears)


This Bumper Was Also used for (Barney jay jay the jet plane cailou wordworld)

Computer (This Bumper is Super Rare Because how Short it Ran)

it had to with Dash using A Computer and on The computer Showed clips from the Show There Talking about And the Announcer says your Watching WPTO 14 dayton And Happy music Plays

This Bumper was Also used for (Cyberchase Dragon tales Noddy The Adventures Of Dudley the dragon Pingu)

Thinking (this Bumper is Rare as Well)

The Thinking Bumper begin With dash Thinking about Dot Thinking Her Cat Thinking a Fish Thinking of The Show there talking

Shows (Sesame street Jakers! Dragons Barney Cailou)


the city Bumper is the Same as the City Station id But it cuts to Clips Of the show there talking about and the Announcer says your Watching WPTO 14 Dayton And happy Music Plays

Shows (Teletubbies Mister Rogers neighborhood Barney Arthur The Puzzle Place)

More bumpers From memories


This one features Someone Playing The piano with PBS Kids mascot-like faces on The Keys and he presses a Key that has A character from a PBS show that's coming up next.

  • Pingu - Pingu
  • Cyberchase - Hacker
  • Barney and Friends - Barney
  • clifford the big Red dog - clifford
  • Thomas and friends - Thomas
  • Wishbone - Wishbone
  • George shrunks - George
  • timothy goes to school - Timothy


this One features dash and dot in a Elevator and dash presses the 10th floor and next to the 10th floor was the PBS Kids logo and dash leaves and dot presses the PBS Kids Logo and it showed A character from a PBS show that's coming up next.

  • Boobah - Zumbah
  • Bob the builder - Bob
  • Cailou - Cailou
  • mister rogers neighborhood - Mister rogers
  • The puzzle place - Julie Wu
  • Maya & Miguel - Miguel
  • elliot moose - elliot
  • Kratts creatures - Martin

Shows That aired on Thinktv

3-2-1 contact


Angelina Ballerina


Bill nye the science guy

Between The lions

Bob the builder (2000 and 2015 series)

Barney and friends




clifford the big Red dog

clifford's Puppy Days

Curious George

Daniel Tigers neighborhood (New Thinktv learn only)

Dinosaur Train (New Thinktv learn only)

Dragon Tales


Elliot Moose

Fireman sam

fetch with ruff ruffman

Jay jay the Jet plane

George Shrinks

its a Big big world

Kinos Storytime

Libery kids

mister rogers neighborhood

Maya & Miguel

Martha Speaks (New Thinktv learn only)


Nature cat (New Thinktv learn only)

Oh Noah!

Odd squad (New Thinktv learn only)

Plum Landing

peg+cat (New Thinktv learn only)


Ready jet go! (New Thinktv learn only)

Reading rainbow


Sesame street

Super why!

sid the science kid

Space racers

Splash and Bubbles (New Thinktv learn only)

Seven Little Monsters

shalom Sesame

The magic school Bus

The berenstain bears

The zula Patrol

The adventures of dudley The dragon

the electric company (The 1974 And 2009 Seires)

thomas edison's Secret lab

Theodore tugboat

the cat in the hat knows a lot about that (New Thinktv learn only)

teletubbies (1997 Version)

the puzzle Place



Wordgirl (New Thinktv learn only)



Station ids

  • Pig (this One features a Pig and a pie the pig eats the pie and a purple balloon shows up and the pig hits
  • Walking (it's the same as the walking station id but it shows the sechdule and theres a voiceover saying your watching PBS Kids on Thinktv channel 14 Dayton ohio)
  • candy (it's the same as the candy station but it shows the sechdule and the Thinktv logo and theres a voiceover saying your watching Thinktv channel 14 Dayton ohio)

thomas and friends

  • it shows dot and dash in a train and the train blowed its whistle and it stopped on a stop sign and it had Thomas on the stop sign

Liberty's kids

  • it's the same thing as the Between the lions Character id

The adventures of dudley the dragon

  • it show's 3 dragons Flying in the sky and one of the dragons breathes fire and it shows dudley in animated form in the PBS Kids logo i think this bumper was also used for Dragon tales

Shalom Sesame

  • it showed dot and dash in a city and it shows Moishe Oofnik in the PBS Kids logo on a wall


Update #1 i found a youtube video of what Thinktv learn looks like now Link

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