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Thomas & Friends is a children's TV show based on The Railway Series. It was super popular that it had lots of merchandise. In 2009, the show becomes CGI.

It was revealed that there was also a Romansh dub of this series. It only airs Season 1 and Season 2 on RTR, and narrated by an Unknown male (from season 1-S2EP7) and an Unknown female (from S2EP8 onwards).

Most episode are found here (but they're available only in Switzerland): https://www.rtr.ch/play/retschertga?query=Tumasch+la+locomotiva+a+vapur+e+ses+amis&shows=urn%3Artr%3Ashow%3Atv%3A5c45408a-2ef2-4cb7-b620-3dc2ade520f9

Localized Names

NOTE: Some names are not translated, but some are locaized.

  • Thomas - Tumasch
  • Edward - Eduard
  • Henry - Hendri
  • Gordon - Gordi
  • Percy - Parcival
  • Toby - Tobias
  • Bertie - Berta


  • In This dub, the theme song only uses a still picture of Thomas from the ending credits, then some credits in Romansh are shown, however it was shortened at 15 second.
  • The Credits don't use the still picture of Thomas but it stop from the ending and the credit saying "Production by The Britt Allcroft and David Mitton" is shown, this is like the very early VHS ending of the show.