Thomas & Friends is a series based on the books made by Wilbert Awdry

The series in latin america was aired on Discobery Kids since August 5, 2002 until June 23, 2017 with 19 seasons. the last thing brodcast was the tv movie, Journey beyond sodor

Missing Episodes

Beacuse the DVD of the series are very hard to find causing some episodes to be lost over the time, but some episodes had been found on bootleg dvd

List of Missing Episodes

  • Season 1:
  1. Episode 11: Thomas Goes Fishing (Thomas va de Pesca) (Never Existed)
  • Season  2:
  1. Episode 37: Percy Takes the Plunge (Percy se Lanza al Agua) (Never Existed)
  2. Episode 46: Percy Predicament (El Precentimiento de Percy) (Never Existed)
  • Season 3:
  1. Episode 56: Gordon and the Famous Visitor (Gordon y el Famoso Visitante)
  2. Episode 58: Thomas Gets Bumped (El Golpe de Thomas)
  3. Episode 62: The Trouble with Mud (Problemas con el Barro)
  4. Episode 63: No Jokes for James (Sin Bromas para James)
  5. Episode 68: Edward Trevor and the Really Useful Party (Edward Trevor y la Fiesta Realmente Útil)
  6. Heroes (Better Quality)
  • Season 4:
  1. Episode 96: Bowled Out (Diesel tendra que aprender) (Better Quality)
  • Season  5:
  1. Episode 122: Oliver Find (La Busqueda de Oliver)
  • Season 11:
  1. Episode 281: Thomas and the Stinky Cheese (Thomas y el Queso Apestoso) (Better Quality)
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