Lost Media Archive

"Thomas and the Magic Railroad: The Lost Edition" is the current name for the campaign to release the director's cut of the original Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

What's Possibly in it?

Original voice actors such as John Bells, who was the first voice choice for Thomas. Him, along with Micheal Angeilis, were dubbed by test audiences as "sounding too old." Plus, a character named "P.T Boomer" was


Forgotten Media Thomas and the Magic Railroad Director's Cut

suppose to appear, and be the real antagonist who wanted to destroy Lady; Diesel 10 was out for Diesel Domination. But once Boomer was cut after being dubbed "too frightening for children" Diesel 10 took over Boomer's role as the main villain.

How to Help?

You can first sign the petition here: http://restorethemagic.org/index.php/tatmr_lost_edition_campaign/ You can also share the petition with others. Spreading the awareness is important due to how we (Restore the Magic) need five thousand signatures to progress.