Thomas the Tank Engine has had many specials, most believing the first to be Thomas and the Magic Railroad. However, in 1993, the true first Thomas special aired. The special was a crossover called Thomas and the U.K. Trip, featuring characters from the Japanese show, Hirake! Ponkikki! The plot was simply he characters from the Japanese show visiting the Island of Sodor where Thomas and his friends live, and then the real U.K. to see real steam engines and see how they work. The special was never released on VHS, however, it is likely that it was recorded on one, as the whole special is on YouTube, although where it came from is a mystery.

Another rare Japanese Thomas artifact is the song Thomas Number 1. It is so rare                                                  

Thomas & The U.K

Thomas & The U.K. Trip UNCUT

The Special

and obscure, it is not listed in the songs category of the official Thomas the Tank Engine wiki. It is unconfirmed if this is a real Thomas music video, or just a few clips somebody put together and called a song. If it is real, than it is actually the first Thomas the Tank Engine music video, as it only has clips from seasons 1-2 (The song currently credited as the first is Thomas' Anthem).                                                  

Thomas Number 1 - Japanese Sing Along Song

Thomas Number 1 - Japanese Sing Along Song

The Song

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