• Dose anyone around here remember seeing a Promo/Bumper around 2009 to 2010 that fetured live action kids dancing and playing with characters from sesame street, cliford, etc while "Waiting for the world to change" by john mayer plays in the background (Or some other song). i think it was for Pbs i remember seeing it in 2009, but cant find footage anywhare on youtube.

    Notes: No, its not the use your imagination bumper, nor the ready to learn bumpers, nor the black and white "Sad Ident", it was in color, and the kids where outside.

    the music was also herd in this promo (sorry for the LQ)

    If anyone remembers seeing this around 2008, 2009, and 2010, or something similar to it, than feel free to coment.

    My PBS Station was KET (because i lived in jeffersonville indiana), so try to look for it on any program breaks from 2008 to 2009, or look through your recordings for it.

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