• A user is creating loads of "Lost (Language) Dub" on the wiki, and all they have is a description of the show, with no information about the lost media in question. He's even making "Various Dubs" pages for various movies, and all of them have "Here are The Found dubs" and the same list of languages between every article.

    Here's what I want you to do with them:

    • "Lost (Language) Dub" pages: Check every page that contains titles like these. If all it describes is the show and not the lost media, delete it right away.
    • "Various Dubs" pages: Delete all of the ones related to Disney movies, as most Disney movies have many found dubs already. Also delete anything else you feel is necessary. But first, check to see if "Here are The Found dubs" is in it, then delete it.
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    • To me, the only dubs that matter to me are either the English dubs(loads of people speak English, so that is important to them), or the originals(it feels creepy seeing a show that can't be found in the original language).

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