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Three Friends and Jerry​ is a swedish animated television series aired on Nickelodeon in the United Kingdom in 1998, and ended in 1999 because many parents thought that it was not appropiate for children to watch, so it was cancelled.

The show was aired on Latin America in 1999 and there was no media of his dub, just a commercial of the year 2000 and a clip of the episode "Jerry's Lucky Day"

The cast of the dub is this:

Jerry Gabriel Ramos
Frank Alan Fernando Velázquez
Eric Uraz Huerta
Thomas Gaby Willer
Linda Gaby Ugarte
Tess Alondra Hidalgo
Mimi Christine Byrd
Oscar Alfredo Lara
Tony Emmanuel Rivas
Jerry's Mom Norma Echevarría
Jerry's Dad Marcos Patiño
Teacher Mónica Villaseñor
Father Dick Roberto Mendiola
Frank's Mom Patricia Quintero
Frank's Dad Alfonso Ramírez
Principal Gabriel Chávez
Ingrid Nelly Horsman
Thomas' Dad Alejandro Illescas
Thomas' Mom Olga Hnidey
Linda's Mom Pilar Escandón
Linda's Dad Ismael Castro
Eric's Mom Norma Iturbe
Hillary María Fernanda Morales
Mary Anne Ariadna Rivas
Zeke Víctor Mares
Cinema girl Ángela Villanueva
Narrator Blas García
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