Thumbs! is a series of short films created by Steve Oedekerk, who is also known for helping create Jimmy Neutron and various Jim Carrey films. The shorts are parodies of popular films that feature the cast as thumbs, such as the Star Wars parody Thumb Wars. Two shorts have been announced and either has been left in development hell or were silently cancelled.

One of the shorts, Thumbatrix (originally set to release in 2003), would have been a parody of The Matrix, while the other short, World Thumb Wrestling, was a parody of wrestling programs such as WWE. It is unknown how far either of these shorts went into development.

Availability While neither film has been released in any way, both did have trailers. Even then, only World Thumb Wrestling's trailer is available.

World Thumb Wrestling - Oedekerk Report-0

World Thumb Wrestling - Oedekerk Report-0

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