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|title1 = Bob the Builder
|directed_by = Sarah Ball
|produced_by = Jackie Cockle
|based_on = ''Bob the Builder''
by Keith Chapman
|written_by = Diane Redmond, Chris Trengove, Jimmy Hibbert, Ross Hastings and Sarah Ball
|starring = Mark Moraghan
Susie Blake
|music_by = Paul K. Joyce
|cinematography_by = David Odd
|studio(s) = HiT Movies
|distributor = BBC Films
|released = October 28, 2019
}}''Bob the Builder'' upcoming British children's fantasy comedy-drama film based on the television series Bob the Builder by Keith Chapman.
*Mark Moraghan as Bob
*Susie Blake as Wendy
*Tim Curry as Farmer Pickles
*Kristin Scott Thomas as Mrs. Potts
*Rob Rackstraw as Scoop, Muck, Roley, Travis and Spud
*Kate Harbour as Dizzy, Pilchard and Bird
*Neil Morrissey as Lofty
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[[Category:Lost Movies]]
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[[Category:Lost Live Action]]

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