Ticket To Ride
Promotional card.
Status Lost
Ticket To Ride (not to be confused with the song or the board game) was a Beatles-themed online game set up by Apple Corps and released in 2001 on the Beatles' website.

The game is named after the song from their album Help!, however, the game stars the Beatles in their Yellow Submarine designs.


According to the back of the promo card:

"The Beatles are late for a most important gig! They've got their tickets in hand and they're waiting for you (their driver) to get them on a flight to America!"


Back of card, detailing the goal of the game.

"Maneuver a series of four vehicles across the bustling metropolis of Liverpool to find John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Pick them up and take them to Speke Airport where they'll catch a plane to New York to play to a sold-out crowd at Shea Stadium. Do it quickly and they may ask you to come along... but be careful! Roadblocks, stalled trucks and anxious mobs around! Hit too many obstacles and you're back where you started!"

Status as lost media

As of when I write this, (6/11/18) the game is lost and can not be played, not even on the Internet Archive. (Although the page that hosts the site can be visited through the Internet Archive, it doesn't work because it can't run Shockwave.) Currently all that remains is the promo card, pictured above.


18:37, June 11, 2018 (UTC)

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