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Grizzly Man (4 9) Movie CLIP - You Must Never Listen to This (2005) HD

Werner Herzog listening to the audio tape of Treadwell's death


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WARNING: DISTURBING! This audio has been proven fake, but it is still quite unsettling.

On October 5, 2003, bear enthusiast Timothy Treadwell and his girlfriend Amie Huguenard were killed and partially eaten by a grizzly bear in Katmai National Park.

A 6-minute recording taken by Huguenard of the events leading up to, and after the attack, was found, although the video of the recording was pitch black (the camera was found with the lens cap still on, which explains the lack of a video portion). The recording took up the last 6 minutes of the tape. It, along with the camera, was eventually given to Jewel Palovak, Timothy's ex-girlfriend; she claims she has never listened to the tape, and hopes she never has to.

She allowed Werner Herzog to listen to it in the Documentary "Grizzly Man", he listens to it on Headphones, she sees his disturbed reaction, she breaks down and he tells her after she stops the recording "you must never listen to this" she tearfully promises. Since then the recording has been placed in a vault.

A 1:51 audio clip, supposedly from the tape, was leaked online around 2008, and although many claim it's legitimacy, it has been proven fake due to the many inconsistencies between it and the official transcript of the tape (see update below).


After doing some additional research on the incident, and having personal correspondence with Kevin Sanders (who has investigated the incident since the beginning, and who has heard a portion of the real tape), I believe the "leaked" 1:51 clip to be fake. According to Kevin, this audio is the same old fake audio that has been floating around for years.

As you can read in the transcript of the tape,[1] found on Kevin's website, the first sounds heard are Amie asking if it's "still out there". The next voice heard is Tim yelling "get out here, I'm getting killed out here" (this part is true to the above audio, but many inconsistencies remain). In the above clip, we never hear that first line from Amie.

A tent zipper is then heard, as well as the tent flap opening (both of which are unheard in the above audio) before Amie yells at Tim to "play dead", later telling him to "fight back" after Tim states that playing dead isn't working (this statement is also unheard in the above audio). Note that in the same audio clip, Amie says "play dead" right after Tim yells for her to go to his aid; in the real audio, the tent is first heard unzipping and opening before Amie begins yelling. Rain hitting the tent is also said to be clearly heard during this part, which you do not hear in the faked audio.

After this, the bear is said to have been startled off momentarily, during which time a short conversation ensued between Amie and Tim as to whether or not the bear was gone for good, moments before the bear returned. This conversation, again, is completely missing from the faked audio. Kevin has also stated that the bear was "nearly silent" throughout the entire recording, though it can be heard grunting and roaring in the fake clip quite frequently.