Toad Patrol is a Canadian television series which debuted on Teletoon in 1999.[1] The series ended with its second Season in 2002,[2] but continued airing on ToonDisney (the former Disney XD) between 2002 and 2003 with reruns until 2006.[3] It also aired on other international channels, such as the Spanish network Telefutura now known as UniMás (Patrulla de Sapitos), via both network[4][5] and digital streaming.[6] In 2006, the series aired on the French network France 5 on the Les Zouzous segment (La Petite Patrouille).[7] The show has since been off the air in North America.


  1. One for All FOUND
  2. The Giver of Names FOUND
  3. The Fire FOUND
  4. The Crystal Caverns FOUND
  5. Scooped FOUND
  6. The Stay Away Place FOUND
  7. Trojan Duck FOUND
  8. Night Fright FOUND
  9. Trapped FOUND
  10. Bird's Eye View LOST (Missing English Audio)
  11. The Cure FOUND
  12. The Temple of Bufonidae LOST (Missing English Audio)
  13. The Fairy Ring FOUND
  14. Cry for Help FOUND
  15. The Healer FOUND
  16. Winter Woes FOUND
  17. The Castle of the Ancients FOUND
  18. Castaway FOUND
  19. Lost and Found FOUND
  20. Choices FOUND
  21. Invasion FOUND
  22. The Lost Symphony FOUND
  23. Good Day FOUND
  24. The Sacrifice FOUND
  25. The Bridge FOUND
  26. Journey's End LOST (Missing English Audio)
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