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Toaster Brains 2 was a sequel to Edd Gould's book Toaster Brains, which was a compilation of Eddsworld comics. Before Toaster Brains 2 could be written, Edd Gould tragically died of cancer in 2012. Tom Ridgewell, a friend of Edd and voice of Tom in Eddsworld, made a campaign by the name of Eddsworld Legacy. Toaster Brains 2 was offered as a reward for donating to the campaign. However, nothing has appeared aside from the cover and the comic strip "Crackers" which was featured on the open page of the book.

On October 12th 2019, Bing, Current Co-Showrunner of Eddsworld mentioned on Discord that they are working on reprinting Toaster Brains 2 for the new Eddsworld Store

On July 1st, 2021, a video was uploaded to Youtube by user YelloFellow showcassing the book, which mostly consists of sketches and comics

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