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'''Toaster Brains 2''' was a sequel to Edd Gould's book Toaster Brains, which was a compilation of Eddsworld comics. Before Toaster Brains 2 could be written, Edd Gould tragically died of cancer in 2012. Tom Ridgewell, a friend of Edd and voice of Tom in Eddsworld, made a campaign by the name of '''Eddsworld Legacy. '''Toaster Brains 2 was offered as a reward for donating to the campaign. However, nothing has appeared aside from the cover and the comic strip "Crackers" which was featured on the open page of the book.
{{Lost|title1 = Toaster Brains 2|image1 = Toasterbrains.png|caption1 = A promised sequel to a book which probably never happened.|current_status = Lost}}On October 12th 2019, Bing, Current Co-Showrunner of Eddsworld mentioned on Discord that they are working on reprinting Toaster Brains 2 for the new Eddsworld Store
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[[Category:Lost Comics]]
[[Category:Lost Comics]]

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