ToddWorld is an American-Canadian animated children's TV program created by Todd Parr and Gerry Renert through their California based company SupperTime Entertainment. The show was produced by Mike Young Productions, an award-winning animation studio based in California. There is a dub in Brazilian Portuguese for the channel Discovery Kids, as well as its Latin Spanish version. However, Brazilian Portuguese dub it's lost and there is almost no evidence. That said, his only remaining evidence is his transmission through Discovery Kids (Which this would be obvious) and a "Continuamos" (In this case, "Está de Volta") bumper.

Voice Cast (Incomplete)

  • Todd - Pedro Alcântara
  • Stella - Iara Riça
  • Sophie - Bianca Alencar
  • Pickle - Charles Emmanuel
  • Ralph - Wirley Contaifer
  • (Crocodile who plays the sax) - Selton Mello


Others evidence


  • UPDATE 1: It was know the voice cast, although incomplete. (Written by Jesus Valdes Aran)
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