In 2014, a YouTube user named ToffeeLime made a fanmade movie trailer based on Peppa Pig and added it onto an article with the same name on Peppa Pig Fanon Wiki.

Apparently, seeing the content of the page in the Peppa Pig Fanon wiki, the trailer was much more violent than the series and contained weapons, mainly sharp knifes, the trailor consisted on Peppa finding out the existance of an french fry which was Mr. Potato's evil brother, so Peppa calls George and their friends to go and kill the french fry.

A frame of the trailer can be found on the gallery of the page, which features George and some of Peppa's friends being sad, according to ToffeeLime, during that scene, Peppa died while fighting the french fry, but soon, she gets revived by George's toy dinosaur, which somehow contained an special power which could revive people

In August 2014, he made an announcement about a YouTube channel called ProjectPeppa and the videos would be based on articles,which caused the video to be moved to the new channel, but unfortanely, ToffeeLime removed the video for no reason

A person which downloaded it reuploaded it, but got removed once again.

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