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Tom The Tank Engine and Friends was an adult parody of Thomas the Tank Engine, That started on Youtube in 2007,That was created by Daniel Hull.The Series was later taken down by Youtube due to community guidelines in 2016, due to what Duck was called in the parody, But were reuploaded by Daniel himself, However WMG took down the episodes "Break Van," "Pop Goes the Diesel" and "Dirty Work" due to copyright (Thanks WMG!) The rest of the episodes weren't taken down however. The worst thing is that all episodes were part of a story arc so people will see A Close shave without seeing Pop goes the Diesel and Dirty Work, and people will see The Deputation without seeing Break Van. But The Copyrighted Videos Pop goes the Diesel, Dirty Work, and Break Van were all reuploaded or their copyrighted strikes are gone.


Dirty Objects

Ducka$$ Takes Charge

Ghost Train

Break van

The Deputation


Pop goes the Diesel

A Close Shave

Tom Comes To Breakfast

Tom and Gareth

Huw and Gareth