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Template:InfoboxLostA teaser trailer for Tom and Jerry: The Movie was theatrically released internationally in either 1992 or 1993. It is unknown if it was also released in the United States and Canada. The teaser trailer just shows footage not even shown in the released film itself. The trailer starts with a slow crawl to the light through the mouse hole. As the camera stops towards, Tom pops in with a scare and a laugh. Jerry screams in horror, but then, Tom starts screaming back at him, with both characters continuing to scream at each until the camera zooms into each other's mouths. The Portuguese and Croatian dubs of the teaser end with Tom and Jerry themselves walking towards the purple sunlight in silhouette form. A brief bit from the film's teaser trailer was later inserted into the film's US theatrical trailer as well as the US TV spot and the soundtrack promo. The film's teaser trailer has been found in a few different languages, including English and Portuguese, on YouTube. Because the original English teaser trailer was unknown to have existed at the time, a few YouTube users recreated the English teaser trailer using newly-created English narrative and archival English-language audio from the released film itself (in which involves the scene where Tom and Jerry speak for the first time). However, the scene where Tom and Jerry walk towards the purple sunlight in silhouette form was cut from the English teaser, so the English dialogue for that scene remains unknown. Also, while the English teaser contained more dramatic music, foreign-language dubs of the teaser replaced the second half of the music with more comedic music for the screaming scene with two bits removed.