"Boss Cat" (British Top Cat opening and endings)
The title card used in the opening
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The classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon series Top Cat made its United Kingdom debut on the BBC on 16 May 1962. On 13 June of that same year, however, the show was hastily renamed to The Boss Cat (which was later shortened to just Boss Cat in 1967). The name change came about because "Top Cat" was also the name of a then-popular British brand of cat food, and the BBC, on which the show aired, does not carry advertising.

The name change was purely cosmetic, as the soundtrack still continued to refer to the titular character by his original name. It was only the opening and ending footage that was altered: shots in which the Top Cat logo was used were cut (causing a noticeable jump in the footage in both instances) with a title card bearing the "Boss Cat" title added before the beginning of the actual episode.

The last time the "Boss Cat" title was used was in a 1989 rerun, and by the time the show was aired again in 1999, the aforementioned Top Cat food brand had been long-since discontinued, allowing the shows original American title cards to be used on British broadcasts without issue.

No footage of the "Boss Cat" opening and ending are known to be currently available in any form, with the only proof of their existence being a single shot of the title card that was used.

Footage Rediscovery

However on the 11th July 2017 the YouTube Channel doubledeckers uploaded the opening and closing of the Boss Cat Titles, taken from an tape recording they had. The recording shows the weak attempt to change the titles with jump cuts and gaps between the footage ends.

Top Cat- the BBC's "Boss Cat" titles from1989

Top Cat- the BBC's "Boss Cat" titles from1989

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