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Topo mp4 is a Topo Gigio Pirate Video and DVD that was released as a Creepypasta from this pirated disc as a rumor on the Internet, Currently you don't know about the existence of the Topo Gigio Pirate Video and DVD for no reason since you have to It is a video recording of the menu and video of the pirate disc.


Possibly this came out as a rumor on the Internet and Creepypasta where it said that in the Pirate Disk where Topo Gigio tries to lose weight and a scientist makes a machine but it explodes and the topo gigio dies from there the chapter gets weird because They hung the head of the gigo mole on a stick and at the end a screamer comes out.

The Pirate DVD begins with the main menu to choose from and then the introduction of the Pirate Disc begins, then when the introduction ends, the audio and screen are locked and then it stays black for a while and then the first video of the DVD is played, which is in that Topo Gigio sings a song and everything is normal.

At this moment when the DVD changes from another song or chapter where one is shown where he is with a kind of scientist who, as he himself says, is testing an invention with Topo Gigio and everything is normal, The scientist turns on his invention and Topo Gigio starts to sing a song, here it starts when the screen starts to flash and smoke is seen with a whole change of red color and then the video continues with the normal song and almost at the end of the song, Topo Gigio starts screaming like if the invention was failing, And then it looks like it exploded and the Topo Gigio dies.

When the song ends the screen goes black and a song can be heard in the background. Seconds later you start to see something strange when the screen stops moving you can see that it is the head of mole gigio nailed with a stick and the video continues to show us the head with the song in the background while all this is flashing for approximately 4 minutes, this is where everything stops in the background and nothing sounds, it just looks static, the video continues like this for a few seconds until the head of Topo Gigio on the screen with a piercing scream in the background.