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Total Fruit Island is an obscure, lost object show confirmed to have existed by multiple people including Cary Huang. He claims that she show was uploaded sometime in December 2010 (which is also supported by a few Twitter posts made at the time). According to these old posts, the show had at least 2 episodes. The upload date of December 2010 makes Total Fruit Island the second known object show in existence, placing Inanimate Insanity at third.


This show has garnered much attention and allure due to a Youtuber named "Spartan Dash" who created a video discussing various facts involving the Battle For Dream Island series mentioning this object show, aswell as Cary Huang himself, who made a Humany video dicussing the show, revealing information about it from his memory, such as a fruit basket being involved during the elimination, the show being a slideshow of MS Paint images (with blue and green rectangles as the ground and sky and colored circles for all the contestants), the show getting around 40 votes, and the orange character specifically being a Chinese mandarin with closed eyes and a Fu Manchu mustache, though he also mentioned that he doesn't think that the mandarin character was specifically meant to be offensive.

In the comments of said Humany video, Alexlion (a known longtime BFDI OG fan) mentioned in the comments that he might have remembered that there was possibly a dragon fruit contestant as well. Another user in the comments named Hayden Martin (likely another longtime viewer based on the channel creation date) said that they remember a star fruit character on the show (which is further supported by a tweet from December 2010). The same person who made the Twitter post voting Star Fruit in December 2010 also made another post that says "avacadp" with a link to a deleted video (which we can confirm is Episode 1 thanks to another earlier automatic tweet). It is very possible that they might have misspelled a vote for "avocado", indicating that there was an avocado character on the show. Cary said both in his Humany video and in the comments of a Lazykh video that people were discussing the show on the Jacknjellify channel comments (which sadly don't appear for users with 1k or more subs anymore). In the Lazykh video, he said that there could possibly be a way to find the old comments, and if that is proven true, it's possible they can be used to gain more intel on the show.

A tweet from December 8, 2010 officially confirms the existence of the show, and also that the creator was called TotalFruitIsland on YouTube. However, their channel seems to be deleted. The same person made another tweet around the same time with a link to a now-deleted video saying that they vote off Star Fruit, possibly referring to this show, and also further proving that there was a star fruit character on the show (as first stated by Hayden Martin on the Humany YouTube video). The same link shown in this star fruit tweet was also seen an another post made by the same person with the text "Episode 2: Stuck Between Walls", which is very likely the name of the second TFI episode, proving that the show had at least 2 episodes.



Humany's video on the subject.