Between 1987 and 1989, toy company Takara and Toei Animation produced three anime continuations of The Transformers, whose original American-produced cartoon version had ended production in '87. Omni Productions produced English dubs of these series for broadcast on RTM 1 in Malaysia and Star TV in Singapore. The dubs were widely seen as inept, featuring several accidentally comical moments, not to mention rampant renamings that were either to bring Japanese-exclusive characters in-line with the American characters they share toy molds with (such as renaming Ginrai to Optimus Prime, Goshooter to Siren, Minerva to Nightbeat, Twincast to Blaster etc.), or just downright inexplicable (such as renaming Blaster to Billy, Jazz to Marshall, Wally to Blurr, Spike Witwicky to Sparkle, and the Matrix of Leadership to the Power Pack), in addition to Grand Galvatron being renamed Unicorn in some sort of attempt to tie in with Unicron (the only tie Galvatron and Unicron had was that Unicron had created Galvatron from the mortally-wounded Megatron in the 1986 movie), not to mention strange personality changes (Wheelie spoke with a Scottish accent and never rhymed, the Dinobots lost their trademark speech pattern, Blurr/Wally speaking unusually slow). While every episode of these versions of Transformers: The Headmasters and Transformers: Victory were eventually released on DVD in Australia by Madman Entertainment, only episodes 1, 4, 41, and 42 of the 43 broadcast episodes of Transformers: Super God Masterforce have been released.

The complete English dub from Omni is available on DVD in China from the company "SHA MEN YIN XIANG CHU BAN SHE" and has been available since 2004.

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