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Tranzor Z opening - The First One on YouTube

Tranzor Z opening - The First One on YouTube

In 1985, the anime Mazinger Z was braodcasted and americanized as Tranzor Z for syndiction and was liscened to 3-B Productions. It was cutted down to 65 episodes and the episodes were edited to make it more appropriate for children.


3-B Productions was a short lived company that grew out of the production team who worked on the US version of Space Battleship Yamato (Star Blazers) at Sunbow Productions.

Reasons for the edits

As mentioned before, the show was edited to make it more appropriate towards children. A large percentage of action scenes were removed such as urban destruction, murder, torture, dismemberment, male-on-female violence, etc. Additionally, many scenes of a "suggestive" nature were deleted; this included nearly all occurrences of Aphrodite A shooting a missle out of her breast were replaced by a freeze frame a Jessica holding the button to launch the missle. In other instances, footage from Great Mazinger (the sequel to Mazinger Z) was spliced in on occasion to replace removed footage (despite the obvious visual differences between the two titular robots). The deletion of certain key episodes also prompted some changes for example, the episode depicting Aphordite A's destruction was not included in the Tranzor Z package, so the subsuquent introduction of Daiana A was handled as an off camera upgrade of Aphrodite (her name was retained) and not as the introduction of an entirely seperate robot.

Character name changes

  • Mazinger Z - Tranzor Z
  • Aphrodite A - Aphrodite A (not changed)
  • Koji Kabuto - Tommy Davis
  • Sayaka - Jessica
  • Shiro - Toad
  • Professor Kabuto - Dr. Wells
  • Dr. Hell - Dr. Daemon
  • Baron Ashura - Devleen


Asided from this intro, it appears that none of the said 65 episodes of this english dub has been uploaded to YouTube nor leaked across any other internet rescources. There are people on YouTube that claimed to see this dub but as of this point none of the episodes hasn't been seen in years nor given a VHS release at all.

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