• Treehouse TV is a Canadian channel launched in November 1997 as a spin-off to YTV’s Treehouse block. It is currently Canada’s number-one preschool channel and is sort of a Canadian equivalent to US’s Nick Jr. Despite the mass popularity of Treehouse in Canada, a lot of live-action programming that was originally produced for the channel is missing barely any episodes available online, especially ones from 1997-2003. In fact, recordings of Treehouse from before 2003 are hard to find on the Internet.

Treetown (partially found Treehouse Tv series and series of shorts)

  • Treetown has been the default series of Treehouse since it’s launch in 1997 to sometime in 2006. The show began as a series of shorts that would air between TV programs on Treehouse. It then would later become a TV series sometime in 1999 which was comprised of previously aired shorts grouped together to match a certain theme. They stopped producer new shorts sometime in the early 2000s, but shorts continued to air until 2006, and the TV series continued to air in reruns until 2011, the same day as other Treehouse shows Wee 3, Crazy Quilt, and the Big Comfy Couch.
  • Despite the mass success of the show in Canada, the show has rarely ever been physically released on any form of home media, nor has it been released online, even on Treehouse TV’s online streaming service.
  • Crazy Quilt (partially found 2nd version and lost original version of arts and crafts tv show)
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