Tristan Matthew Brinkley's "My YTPS" were a series of YTPs created on the channel Tristan Matthew Brinkley's 2nd Channel the videos lasted March 1st 2015-Late 2015, they were deleted by the uploaded because he got tired of them. Since 2016 the videos will most likely not be reuploaded due for Trsitan Matthew Brinkley leaving youtube.

Confirming their existence though is an entire wikia, though the wikia is inactive it hasn't been edited for almost a year

List Of YTPS (most likely incomplete)

  • Chef Peepee's Loser Ticket
  • Bowser Jr's Stupid Sleepover
  • Rick And Morty Scam the Scam while Jerry is Hungry For Apples.
  • Flapjack is an ADVENTURER!!!
  • Chowder Makes Shi* Beans
  • Black Yoshi Needs A Job
  • Star Has A Creepy Face
  • Krabberad
  • Cody Is One Gay Kamek
  • The Warden Is Too Drunk For This Poop
  • Sumo Fails At Super Sumo Bros
  • Chowder Tries To F*ck The World
  • Star Has A Creepy Face 2
  • Spongebob Tries To Get In YTP
  • The Watchdogs Are On A Hunt
  • A Cheesecake Problem
  • Bowser Jr's Crazy School Day
  • Nightmare On Cappytown
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