The Tweenies was one of CBeebies' most successful programmes of its history with the 4 puppets:- Bella, Milo, Fizz & Jake alongside their pet dogs Doodles & Izzles, supervised by 2 grown-ups, Judy & Max. Throughout the show's history, it has aired on both CBeebies and Noggin.

An Australian dub existed; as the title suggests, the voices weren't re-dubbed by Australian actors/actresses, they retained the UK original voices. The only difference is that the music from the ident at the start is played over the opening sequence which then stops when the episode title is announced. YouTuber Catbooks (Nathan) had uploaded the Aussie intro on his channel but he wants to keep it as unlisted.

Aside from the titles, we need more episodes from the Aussie dub of Tweenies.

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