Twipsy is a German-Spanish animated series made to promote the Expo 2000 fair.

The series was dubbed into many languages (with the English dub used as the basis for most of them), however there are some dubs that are lost, including the Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese dubs (both made for Discovery Kids).

Dubs found to date

The English dub of the animated series was released on YouTube in August 2017 in channel KidsTVEnglish. Some bits from the European Portuguese and Italian dubs have been found, plus the intro to the Finnish and Korean (audio only) dubs.

The Castilian Spanish intro was uploaded to YouTube in 2008 by the user fdk88dayt.

9 episodes have been uploaded in Polish by Andrzej Nowaczyk, although all of them cut off during the credits (at least one shows part of the "Sorry, a system error has..." scene at the end, with Maciej Gudowski reading the translation), and the openings all have trims in at least some way. For example, Bad Advice begins in the middle of a line said by Twipsy.

A few seconds of the credits from the Latin Spanish dub (and possibly the Brazilian Portuguese dub) was uploaded by D¡scoveryK!ds LosInicios on a continuity video of Discovery Kids in Latin America from the early 2000s.

5 episodes have recently been uploaded in Basque by Intertoons, Inc. on YouTube.

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