U.F.O. ABDUCTION aka The McPherson Tape is a 1989 found-footage mockumentary written and directed by Dean Alioto. The film was made on a budget of $6,500 and the plot involves a family being invaded by aliens on the evening of a birthday party, and the subsequent events that occur. It is often confused with Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County, a 1998 remake of said film.

While the latter 1998 version is widely available, the original 1989 version is not. In fact, the movie is notoriously rare, and as such, only a few clips of it can be found on the internet today. For years, the film sparked rumors amongst UFO enthusiasts (who were leaked an edited copy of the film by an unknown party), that it was a recording of a legitimate event, and not staged, although this is simply untrue; the United States Film Board even went as far as publicly confirming the film fake in July 2012, to dispel any possible belief anyone might still have that it was real.

In an online interview in 2003,[1] Alioto elaborated some on the film, and also stated that copies of the original could be purchased direct from him through his email address,[2] although it's unknown if this offer still stands, as he has never replied to any of our emails on the subject.

UPDATE 01 Jul '13: Today, cinemageddon.net user pokes has graciously uploaded a VHSRip of the original 1989 film for all to enjoy[3]! HUGE thanks to pokes for finally unearthing this incredible rarity, said to be one of the the pioneering films of the found-footage genre. Check it out now via the streaming links below, or, alternatively, download it directly from our mega.co.nz mirror.[4] The film is also avalible to view on YouTube for the world to see.


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