Lost Media Archive


UPICK Friday was a block on Nickelodeon hosted by Henry and June. This would air every Friday (Or Monday under UPICK Monday) From mid-late 1999 until a few months after KaBlam!'s cancelation in Spring 2000. Viewers would have to either call a 1-800 number or go to nick.com to pick the show. The shows you had to choose with the most votes won the night. Out of the list below of 11 potential winners, so far, only 3 shows have their victory recorded.

Winner's who's footage has or has not been seen or found

NOTE: the ones without the word lost on them mean they're found or have been previously found.

  1. Rocko's Modern Life (Lost)
  2. Rugrats
  3. Catdog (Lost)
  4. Angry Beavers (Lost)
  5. Rocket Power
  6. Doug (Lost)
  7. The Wild Thornberries (Lost)
  8. Spongebob Squarepants (Lost)
  9. Hey Arnold
  10. KaBlam! (Lost, Existence Unconfirmed)
  11. Ren And Stimpy (Lost, Existence Unconfirmed)