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Ultimate spiderman 2 would be the direct sequel to the old game released for Playstation 2 and XBOX Classic in 2005, its release date would be in 2006 but it was never released, its logo would be revealed in magazines but it was finally lost on the internet Treyarch did not confirm if the game was canceled, the story in the game the game would be unknown, it is theorized that it would be the direct continuation of the end of the first game, until today nothing is known about what happened with the video game and the reason for its cancellation, the only proof of the existence of the game is a low quality image of the list of releases of Treyarch where Ultimate Spiderman 2 is next to Spiderman 3 Movie Videogame the latter if it was released in 2007. it is unknown if the image is false or real, SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH