In 2018, Uma Thurman posted footage online of a car accident that occurred in 2002 while filming this movie. At the time, Thurman had voiced her reservations about filming a scene while driving a car over a straight dirt road and had requested a stunt performer. However, since the scene was not considered to be a stunt and the stunt coordinator was not on-set that day, Quentin Tarantino persuaded her to shoot the scene herself. While driving the Karmann Ghia, there was an unexpected turn in the road causing Thurman to lose control of the car and crash it into a tree, leaving her with a concussion and damaged knees. She tried to obtain the footage as proof but Harvey Weinstein reportedly refused to release it unless she signed a document that would release the company from any liability. Years later, Tarantino finally gave her the footage and helped her come forward in the wake of multiple sexual assault charges against Weinstein (with Thurman also claiming to be one of his victims). Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino admitted that the incident had caused a breach in trust which affected their working relationship for several years, but they reconciled afterwards and remain on good terms ever since.


KILL BILL- Vol. 2 (2004) - Uma Thurman Car Crash Video

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