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There are 2 unknown football(soccer) games that were never released for the C64.

The 1st of the 2 is by Codemasters, & it seems to be a top-down game based off the European version of Football(Futebol as it's called in that region). The only things that can be found are pitch graphics for the game. It's been speculated that it was going to be pitched by Codemasters, but never got past an early development stage.

The 2nd one is developed by Cult in 1990, & it seems that it was going to be more advanced than the other one thanks to its 1st person-looking perspective, & it has the Cult logo on the boarders. It's unknown why it never got a release, though the speculation is almost the same with the other. Special thanks to GTW64 for info on those 2 soccer games!


You need to scroll down a bit to find the 2.