A nickelodeon sitcom of an unknown name first appeared as lost media on January 11th, 2020 when user dinoapien posted about a show she saw when she was 3 or 4.

The Nickelodeon sitcom showed during the Nick@Nite. It featured 2 girls, she forgot the names of the girls. But she remembers the girls being Different from each other, for example 1 of the girls had brown hair and brown eyes, and there was a star on her tiara, the other girl had blonde hair, greenish blue eyes, and a heart on her tiara. the show wasn’t animated though. They both wore the same outfit consisting of a tiara, a punk frilly princess baby doll dress (which was very popular around the time that episode aired)with different coloured lace. So the blonde hair girl had white lace, and the brown hair girl had black lac.

In the episode she saw, the princess girls went on an airplane, she remembers both of the girls screaming when the plane took off of the ground. But after the commercial break the girls seemed calmer. dinosapien didn’t know where the girls were going though. She said it is possible it doesn’t exist.

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