UPlift of the Wild West was a play staged by the Uplifer's Club that featured Frank Baum, the legendary writer of The Wonderful Wizard of 0z, in the lead role. He loved the theater so much, he eagerly put on greasepaint and a cowboy costume for this short play from 1915. It was Frank's final performance as he was left permanently bedridden by the operation that removed his gall bladder and spleen shortly afterward. Unfortunately, the only one of the Uplifer's plays to survive is the Uplift of Lucifer, featuring the Grand Muscle in the lead role.


Frank Baum arrives in Dodge City, brought in to clean up the town. Its outlaws make repeated attempts to kill Frank, including forcing him to dance to their gunfire on a table. Ultimately, however, all of their attempts fail, and Frank convinces the whole town to join the Uplifer's Club.


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