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...under Magnetic1977. Yes, it had been roughly 1 7/12 years since IP addresses were outlawed, but now I'M BACK! Hopefully, I can finally make articles on one of the pieces of lost media in the "Possible Future Articles" section...

Article Listing:

Possible Future Articles:

  • Blondie "Scenery" (1976 Outtake) (It was released on the 2001 Plastic Letters reissue)
  • Black Flag Album "Damaged" (Missing 1981 Outtakes) (One thing we know is that they covered The Kingsmen's "Louie Louie" until the tape ran out [EDIT 8/19/18: In reality, it was a take of their arrangement of "Louie Louie" - originally a Richard Berry song - that devolved into a "strange jam at the end until the tape ran out"])
  • Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master (1993; Original Version) (I only found gameplay footage of a beta of the original on YouTube back in the early 2010s. From what I can remember, the enemy AI was garbage.)
  • Adam Ant "Save the Gorilla" (Unreleased 2003 "Stand And Deliver" Remake) (Hopefully, this version wasn't going to be promoted with a cheesy music video)
  • Clare Grogan "Trash Mad" (Unreleased 1987 Solo Album) (Yes, Clare Grogran of Altered Images attempted a solo album.)
  • The Producers "In The Blues" (Unreleased 2012 Album) (We can let "Anime" by Soulja Boy be released, but not the fifth album by the greatest power-pop band Atlanta has ever seen?!)
  • Nirvana's Unreleased Tracks (1987-94) (Y'know, the ones that haven't been bootlegged and are held by Courtney Love, that-- [EDIT 8/19/18: What was I thinking back then?])
  • Dead Kennedys "In God We Trust, Inc." (Lost Session Footage) (If it wasn't for the tape peeling, this wouldn't be lost)
  • TV Mania "Bored With Prozac and the Internet?" (Previously-Unreleased 1996 Album) (A supergroup with members of Missing Persons and Duran Duran. Yeah.)
  • Another Day (Unresurfaced 1978 CBS Sitcom) (Starring David Groh and Joan Hackett, and created by James Komack, this sitcom about a housewife going to work full-time aired for four weeks in April 1978, and hasn't been seen since. Yes, there are other unresurfaced TV shows out there, but if I got into tape-trading, this would probably be my most-wanted item.)
  • Missing Firesign Theater Films (1980s) (Although like Everything You Know is Wrong and two Nick Danger films have surfaced, there's NOTHING about 1980's Black-and-White Thing I Can't Remember the Title of and something else called The Hee and Shee Show on the web aside from a mention in "Bohemia Watch", a blog about a weird subchannel exclusive to Portland, Oregon until its demise in March 2010, on the "For Portlanders Only" section of Platypus Comix. Perhaps Black-and-Whire Thing could be my second most-wanted item, behind Another Day. [EDIT 8/19/18: Turns out Black-and-White Thing is available... but under the title J Men Forever. I have no idea where Peter got his title from.)

And one that's impossible to do due to the fact that it never actually existed:

  • Polyrock Album "Electro-Romantic" (1981, Existence Unconfirmed) (Obscure group from I think New York [EDIT 8/19/18: Yep, NYC], the one that lead me to discover more obscure music)
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