I'm a former user on the original version of the Lost Media Wiki, and have created several articles. I was a mostly stupid kid and complete novice at writing when I started, but I admired all who used to participate on the site. Seeing the past where all types of media were simply considered a novelty confused me. Why didn't people realize that the recordings that existed gave future humans a view into the past? That question was what intrigued me into joining the original LMW. In the end I'm honestly glad I discovered this wiki in the first place because writing here helped to improve my overall skills for my education and my life in the long run. These are the articles I have created over the years I have been here:

If you would like to find out the current status of these articles, they're all over on the newer Lost Media Wiki website. As far as I'm aware of two pieces that I've written articles for (Astrology with Squidward and Little Shop) have been found and/or officially released publicly.

In fact, I'd HIGHLY recommend heading over to the new wiki.


It's run by the original people who started this Wikia/Fandom site, it's more organized and has a larger community of people dedicated to uncovering all kinds of lost pieces of history, and more lost media has been added and found regularly since its inception. If you want to try and find me there, I won't be there. I still visit the Wiki to browse articles, but I don't want to start a new account on there. I barely wrote articles on the original or participated in the community much outside of the chatbox compared to the majority of more popular users, and I think that with my busy lifestyle, a new account on there would not be worth it. I updated this fairly recently in the light of finding out about the discovery of some of the media I wrote about (9/26/2020), and if any of these articles undergo significant discoveries or changes I'll update this profile as such, but there's nothing else for me to talk about now. So long.

- Contributation la Wikia

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