Lost Media Archive

Magnetic1977 here. Most frequently contributed in 2015, and again in 2017.

Articles created in my old days:

"Created" pages converted from bulls--- articles:

Potential Articles: one on the unreleased "The Bomb" segment of National Lampoon's Movie Madness (even the Code Red Blu-ray doesn't contain it!), and one on the cancelled Nimona movie, since even the main site doesn't have one - surprising given that you'd think someone would have made it as soon as it was announced Blue Sky Studios was going kaput. I was gonna write on The Dumplings on 6/10/17, but the very nature of whatever a "Kekcroc" was creeped me out too much to carry on. (It was apparently a bogus cancelled video game with a CREEPY-ASS 3-D crocodile. Thankfully, that page no longer exists.) I also want to make a page on the Zits Motion Comics, of which only SIX had been uploaded to YouTube - there were more on whichever website I used to read that syndicated King Features comics, but I don't remember its name, they got taken off in 2010 and all that survives are the ones on YouTube (as far as I know), and I want to have all the "missing" comics scanned from books in order to show off the missing installments.

Oh, and there's also the unreleased original video of Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark," and the original cut of the 1980 film The Mountain Men (which writer Fraser C. Heston claimed was much darker than the final film, leading the Cinema Snob to joke in his "1980 in Film" episode: "was the original version just straight-up Custer's Revenge?") AND Lari White's misplaced "Lead Me Not" video, too.