• Hi! I'm Chris and I'm just like you - in my 20s, reminiscent of past media, yet I can't find hardly anything about it. I'm mainly eager to do my part in putting together the puzzle that is all the media of the world. I consider myself to be a Nicktoons Network Original Production, because the shorts like "Astrology with Squidward", "Promethius and Bob", "Spider and Fly", "Leader Dog", "Tortellini Western", and "Gordon Bleugh" were a significant portion of my childhood.
  • My biggest "lookout" pieces of media are "Gordon Bleugh", a 2004-2005 Nicktoons short (which I created the page for on this wiki), Owen Hart's Fall, Christine Chubbuck footage at WXLT-40 (I am something of a death hag), and genuinely any lost media from the 70s and beyond.
  • My goal on this wiki is to serve as an all-purpose kinda guy. I will edit articles to make them look nice, tidy, and grammatically accurate. I will also help find media, preserve media that may disappear in the future, engage in discussion, and add new articles if there is lost media for which there is no article currently on here!
  • Thanks for viewing my page!
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