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Hey, nineteen! (way back when in '67)

Hi, i'm RugmanDuck, and i create pages for this wiki. I'm a fan of 20th century animation, if you didn't know that. I also write creepypastas on the SOG wiki.

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And now, some Rutles lyrics

Piggy in the middle (Whoo!)

The cat and the fiddle (Whoo!)

Piggy in the middle (Whoo!)

Doo-whop a knew

Pages i've created or remade

Created pages:

New Kids on the Block: Official Video Game

Inventio Fortunata (lost travelogue, 14th Century)

The Starland Vocal Band Show (partially found variety show; 1977)

3D Groove (Partially Found Games, Early-Mid 2000s) 

The Black and White Minstrel Show (partially found BBC TV series; 1957-1978) 

DOOM 2 Prototypes  

Duke Nukem Forever (lost 1998-2001 prototypes) 

Midnight Rider (partially found unfinished biographical film based on band; 2013-2014) 

Remade pages:

The Sinister Six (Original Cut, early 2010s)

Curious Canimals: What is It? (Lost 2008 series)

Toaster Brains 2 (Lost Eddsworld Book)

Englishman With an Omelet (Lost Veggietales DVD)

VeggieTales (various dubs)

Full House (Season 9, episodes 1-2)

Felix The Cat (Unconfirmed 2003 live-action movie)

Batman: A Death in the Family - Lost Alternate Ending 

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