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Possible Articles/Articles in Progress

  • Disney's Circle 7 Scripts/Other work (Things like the Monsters, Inc. 2 script I don't think were released to the public, so I suspect this is a possible article.)
  • Aardman's Storyboards and Sketches (ones lost in the infamous studio fire)
  • GoldenEye 007 HD 'XBLA Port
  • Shantae Advance/Shantae 2: Risky Revolution
  • Vectorman 3
  • Lost Doctor Who Radio Play Peter Cushing Pilot
  • Doctor Who Dimensions in Time Lost Dalek Sequence
  • Other Aardman Adverts

Articles That Are Unlikely/I Don't Know About

  • Audio Recording of David Banks as the Doctor (The Ultimate Adventure)
  • Lost Doctor Who Peter Cushing Milk Board Advert (Unsure about its existence)
  • Gift of the Hoopoe (Apparently this isn't anywhere to be found on the web, but I don't know.)
  • Toonheads (There are probably a lot of episodes of this show that weren't reuploaded to the internet, and the cartoons shown may never be aired again, similar to what TV Tropes said, but it's a compilation program of pre-existing shorts, and not as otherwise-substantial as say The Moxy Show.)
  • Australian TV Burp (This may or may not be lost.)
  • Nick Bertke/Pogo's Various Removed Work (If his specific work is considered legitimately lost then yes, but the only sources I remember hearing about them are two now removed, ironically also lost, looooooooooooooooong livestreams. I'm also not sure if those same livestreams and his unreleased Disney work, which now may be all leaked anyway, count either.)
  • The Cramp Twins "Pirate Arr/Goodbye to Wayne and Lucien" (Did it ever exist?)
  • The Raccoons Creators Porn (Um, yeah. It's been rumoured that the creators had pornography of the characters in the studio, but it is only rumoured.)
  • Various Commercials (like Nestle Choc Idol "Glass Broken" Segment/Gamestation Fat Chris Football Advert/Nestlé Orzoro Fabuland Commercia/etc.) (Not sure if these are meaningful.)

My Articles

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