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The Ark may have been shipped to Canada.

Where is the ark of the covenant? The ark is a biblical trophy of power that was thought to have divine powers linked with the heavens, as used by the Jewish people. The ark was stolen by the Knight’s Templar, a ancient order of Freemasons, who may have deposited it on Oak Island on Canada’s eastern coast. But it is strongly believed that it was subsequently destroyed.

However, numerous search operations have turned up nothing that may answer the world’s questions as to where it is. The Lemba tribe in Africa have thought to have a version of the Ark, in the form of the Nguni lungudu. This ancient drum doesn’t look to have any holy powers, but it actually was worshipped by the people. Going unnoticed for many centuries, researchers eventually tracked down the item through photographic evidence, which is now held in the museum.

But where is it? The ark is definitely a slight-after treasure, up there with London After Midnight and the Amber Room. It is my belief that the Ark is in the Arctic.

Though a long shot, many documents point to the ark travelling North to Europe, and in turn, the possibility of it going to Canada. From here, Canadians have been known to transfer their trophies to storage in the far North. Thus, the Ark may be in Nunavut or around there. Where? It is not known, but the Ark May still exist in cryogenically frozen conditions, potentially in an Inuit or other Indigenous settlement. Go look.